Salim and Aeolus

Aeolus and Salim. Salim is Aeolus protector and occasional lover. Aeolus believing very strongly in polygamy… especially since his powers awakened.

Anyway… ink and copics. Shame my ink ran out… which is why Salim’s hair is such a mess.


A Moment

Some art based around the RP I play with Vinterhjärta. My character is the one with the black hair, Aeolus. And Kharam belongs to Vinterhjärta.

Doodles for an RP

Nat and the Hawkmask. Nat is the one in the lower corner. Hawkmask is a spymaster/assassin/courtesan.

The image below is Nat and Daelus, being cute. XD

And some kissing… Hurhur